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“If You Are Looking To Start or Grow A Business Then You Need A Professional Digital Marketing Agency To Paint Your Digital SalesVision Online.”
Who: Our Digital Marketing Agency Has Decades Of Experience.
What:We'll Help You "Paint The Picture" In Your Potential Customers Eyes. 
When: Right Now Inside Of Our SalesVision Academy & Marketing Center.
Why: To Give You A Professional Digital Sales Presence Online.
How: Using Step By Step Training & State Of The Art SalesFunnel Software.
SalesVision Digital Marketing Agency With Decades Of Experience...
Professional Event Footage Shot Just A Few Weeks Ago By SalesVision...
RealEstate Videos Need To Paint The Vision In A Fun & Exciting Way!
Your RealEstate SalesVision Can Be Created With Our Team.
When SalesVision CEO Vincent Ortega decided to sell his extra home in Kansas City, he was of course going to shoot his own RealEstate video. This video was responsible for immediate offers of his home.

The RealEstate video you see above was directed by Vincent Ortega and shot by his SalesVision team just a few months ago.  
Vincent Ortega
Telling My TRUTH Changed My Life
People Need To Feel Your Heart & Soul Through The Screen
This video you see here was shot a few years ago and it completely transformed Vincent's business because people could finally tell how much he cared about their success through the digital screen.
Here is The Video That Created Our Latest Stories
So a couple months ago Vincent asked his audience if they would like to shoot a professional story video with his SalesVision digital marketing agency at the event...
Casey, Sherry, Betsy: Story Video SalesVision
The Three Chosen Ones
The Story Videos Our Digital Marketing Team Created 
The videos you see here are the chosen ones of the applications that Vincent's SalesVision team accepted for the live event Vincent attended a few weeks ago.

Vincent chose these clients applications because he could tell they were ready to bring their heart and soul to the presentation.

When you are creating professional story videos to share your message & truth with the world, you need to be ready, willing & open to let your heart set free through the digital screen.

Vincent was the director of these videos and asked the clients every question you see here in these videos.

Vincent brought his camera men around the Vegas strip with the clients and setup all of the shots you see here in the videos. 

Vincent always makes the experience effortless and enjoyable.
Family SalesVision
This Successful Real Estate Business Family Needed Lifestyle Footage
Grace Real Estate Manages Four Million Dollars In Real Estate For Clients
The Grace family are Real Estate company owners, brokers, property managers and manage four million in client assets and portfolios.  We suggested if they wanted to attract more clients online to show how real and amazing their family truly is, and this is the amazing video we put together for them.
If You Saw How Successful They Were And Then You Saw How Real They Were...
Pat Grace the Father of the family is pretty much famous for Real Estate investing for his clients in the Kansas City Missouri area.  

He grew a client management portfolio of over 4 million dollars in assets the past twenty years.  We are currently working on bringing his brand and message online and the number one vision we saw missing was the real-ness of his family.  

For SalesVision it's all about heart, it's all about love.  I want you to think about if you are investing in anything online or offline, you would want to know how real the people are right?  

It's all about transparency online.  The more the prospect can "feel who" you are, the better.
Brick & Mortar SalesVision
Drive Visitors Into Your Store With Exciting Contests
From Never Running Paid Brick & Mortar Ads...
...to absolutely crushing it with this video you see right here running an exciting contest for his boost mobile store.    Needless to say, this advertisement absolutely crushed it.

Mo, the owner of this boost mobile you see here on this video never ran a facebook advertisement for his promotions and giveaways for his store. So Vincent told Mo to shoot a video and run a facebook advertisement.  

The facebook advertisement that Vincent setup and managed cost $200 for Mo, and the results it brought in was over $2,000 in sales the next day.

It also brought 210 brand new leads that didn't even know about Mo's boost mobile store.

Vincent said let's shoot a video and run a facebook advertisement...
If you want to learn Vincent's marketing secrets in the SalesVision Academy, you will need to fill out a free business evaluation first to make sure you are a great fit for the academy.  

Vincent doesn't just allow anyone to access the academy, he needs to see that you are a dedicated entrepreneur, before he will give away his marketing secrets that he's spent years to develop.
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SalesFunnel For Your Business
SalesFunnel's Will Make Or Break Your Business Success
SalesVision's state of the art Sales Funnel portal is setup to help the new business owner immediately press go the moment you are inside of our SalesFunnel portal.  We have pre-made ready to go Sales Funnel's and you will be able to build your own SalesFunnels as well.
If You Want Any Chance At Business Success You Need A SalesFunnel Right Now!

Online sales and marketing funnels can be very expensive and very tricky to setup for your business.  

Most entrepreneurs who start to build a sales funnel realize that it's a lot more time, effort and money than anticipated.

The best thing you can do as a brand new business owner, or someone who wants to start a business is, "tap into" sales funnel's that already exist, meaning, sales funnels that are proven to already work and produce results.
Business Family
The SalesVision Business Family Will Support You Every Step Of The Way!
Growing Business Family
Our business family is growing by 100's of people every single day.  

When you finish your free business evaluation we will show you where you can go to immediately hangout with thousands of entrepreneurs inside of our SalesVision family.

You can ask questions and get answers from all of our SalesVision Pros.
Supportive Business Family
What really separates our family apart from the majority of communities online is that you won't find there is any competition with our family in terms of people trying to beat each other at a race or a Sales game.

We are all in this SalesVision together and while competition is healthy, we make sure it's a supportive and healthy competition inside of our community.
Lock Arms With Proven Results
Lock Arms With Vincent Ortega The SalesVision CEO
The CEO Of SalesVision Vincent Ortega Has Three Beautiful Baby's...
From The Desk Of Vincent Ortega, 

My baby's are why I give my SalesVision Pro community so much of my blood, sweat and tears every single day.

When I look into my children's eyes, I see my SalesVision Pro communities children's eyes.

When I create my business visions it's with my three baby's in mind.  I think about all my business moves in terms of a legacy that I can pass onto my children so they will never have to worry about money their entire lives.

I know for me to make that happen then I must give all my SalesVision Pro's my everything every single day of my life, and build businesses setup to create a solid foundation for everyone.
When I head to my grave and it's my time for heaven, I will only feel accomplished when I know these beautiful eyes on my children will be taken cared of when Daddy is gone.

I will not stop until that security happens for my children and millions of families around the world through the training, software and services that my companies produce for my clients and customers.  Period.  Vincent Ortega
The Love I Receive At Events Does Not Go Unnoticed... 
Vincent Has Generated Millions Of Dollars In Sales... 

I have been blessed to generate millions of dollars in sales in pretty much every niche, product and service you could think of over the past decade online.  My vision for SalesVision is to bring it all under one roof and create ultimate online marketing sales funnel builder & software portal.

The vision is to help every single business owner on planet earth start or grow their business online with my sales funnels that are proven, ready to go, and will instantly work for you the moment you login inside of our SalesVision software.

There are several sales funnel ready to capture leads and sales for you right now and all you need to do is take your free business evaluation to see if you are given access to our software based upon your answers to the questions.

The Developing Machine
Clifton Hatfield Develops The Coding Magic Of Our SalesFunnel & Marketing Software
With Decades Of Coding Experience Clifton Can Create Pretty Much Anything...
Clifton Hatfield has been coding and developing software for over a decade and is now bringing all of his energy and genius coding ability to SalesVision.

Clifton and Vincent have come together and partnered on a previous business that have gone on to generate millions of dollars in sales.

They sold those previous businesses, went on and leveled up their game for a few years, and came back together over the past year to build SalesVision for you.

Clifton and Vincent have always wanted to build the ultimate online marketing system for business owners but they weren't ready until just a few months ago when they began building SalesVision.

They both have been through it all, the ups the downs, to learn what needs to be in place to create a legacy company that will stand the test of time.

When you now combine Vincent's higher level vision in combination with Clifton's higher level coding ability, you now have the magic touch that has created the state of the art sales funnel portal.

It has never been this easy to get a high converting business funnel up and running to start capturing leads and sales than what you will find inside of SalesVision.

SalesVision Co-Owner

Vincent M. Ortega, The Father Of CEO & President Vincent Ortega is one of the CO-OWNERS of SalesVision.

Currently Vince Ortega serves as the Executive Director of Jackson County’s COMBAT, the 30 year innovative and highly successful initiative that funds Anti-Drug and Anti- Violence programs throughout the County. Vince brings to COMBAT his experience as a highly respected law enforcement executive and community leader. 

Which means you have a 30-year career Kansas City, Missouri Police Department, Retired Deputy Chief of Police backing and managing SalesVision. 

Prior to joining COMBAT he served as the National Security Specialist for General Electric’s Homeland Protection Division, where he was a Domain Expert providing strategic counsel on evolving security challenges facing private businesses and government organizations in the U.S. and around the world.

Before joining the security firm, he acquired a significant record of accomplishments throughout a lengthy 30 year career in law enforcement that elevated him to the rank of Deputy Chief of the Kansas City, Mo., Police Department.

During his career Vince's assignments included Executive Officer to the Chief of Police, Commander of the Patrol Bureau, Homeland Security, Intelligence Unit, Internal Affairs, Violent Crimes Division, Human Resources, and the Drug Enforcement Unit. During his career he has been the recipient of more than 70 awards and commendations.  

From 2007 through to his joining the COMBAT in early 2009, Ortega worked as a National Security Specialist for GE Homeland Protection, Inc., a division of General Electric.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Park College and a Master’s of Public Affairs degree from Park University.

As the Executive Officer to the Chief of Police and currently as the Executive Director of Jackson County’s COMBAT, he possess leadership qualities that have enabled him to delegate and oversee annual budget operations that have exceeded over $250,000,000 effectively. Integrity and his emotional intelligence are key characteristics that have made Ortega the successfully leader that he is today. 

Know that Combat Director Vincent Ortega and his son, the CEO & President of SalesVision, are positioning this company to become legacy business.    

SalesVision President & CEO Vincent want his children to eventually take over SalesVision, and his Father Combat Director Ortega will be here to make sure that vision becomes a reality for his grandchildren.

When you combine Combat Director Ortega's decade of experience managing & distributing the $20,000,000 million Anti-Crime Tax fund, you can be sure that SalesVision's financials will be managed & distributed with precision.
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